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We are all about Vegetables and Fruits.


DeccanField Agro is an uprising private entity which was incepted with the sole aim of delivering quality agro products and services globally. With a team of highly experienced professionals, proven methodologies and the support of our stakeholders, we strive to retain the goodness of fresh produce.


Consistency and quality are our main priorities. 

We go the extra mile to cater to each of our client's specific needs. 


Our mission

To capture the global agricultural products export market.

Our main activity involves starting from harvesting of agricultural products, standardizing them as per the requirement of clients by taking sheer control over quality and exporting top quality fruits and vegetables globally at the right time with the use sophisticated cleaning, packaging and cold storage. 


Our Services

Re-developing farmlands to produce large scale vegetables and fruits by integrating traditional farming methods with modern-day technology. We restructure farming practices to completely exclude chemicals and move towards organic and sustainable farming.



We handpick, clean, process and pack our products specific to the needs of our clients.

Our processing plant is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

Total Capaciaty: >10,000,000 Kgs


Six separate chambers with a total capacity of 3000 MT allows different temperature and humidity levels required for storing various raw materials or finished products.

Three cold rooms - 13.3m x 20.5m x 9.0m

Three cold rooms - 16.8m x 10.6m x 9.0m

The packhouse has a capacity of 1000 MT to store incoming raw material and processed and packed produce.

We encourage fair trade and fair price in the industry.


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We Are


To maintain the integrity of the local ecology – social and environmental and integrate sustainability in every decision.

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